Diane Kruger Explains How To Truthfully Play A Character That’s Constantly Lying

A core tenet of both espionage and acting is the ability to convincingly sell a lie to an audience. Diane Kruger speaks on the unique challenge of playing her character in “The Operative," a person who is hard to keep up with.

Monét X Change w/ Dr. Ruth

Now we all know that Monét is not shy when it comes to talking about sex. So who else better for her to chat with than the adorable, groundbreaking sex therapist, Dr. Ruth? Check out what advice she gave Monét, the audience and see if you can spot an adult toy when you see one! 🤔 (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

John Elway

This Hall of Famer's hands are responsible for some of the best plays NFL fans have ever seen. The one and only John Elway joined us to talk about the league, its latest trends and his mission to raise awareness about the hand condition, Dupuytren's contracture. Be sure to watch. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Samara Weaving, Mark O'Brien, Andie MacDowell, Tyler Gillett & Chad Villella

Dark comedies are always hard to pull off, but these fine folks definitely delivered with "Ready or Not." It's thrilling, funny and keeps you on the edge of your seat! Hear how much fun Samara Weaving, Mark O'Brien, Andie MacDowell and the creators had filming the movie. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

A$AP Ferg

There's no one in the music game that sounds quite like this man! A$AP Ferg is not only moving music forward, but the culture. If you truly ride with The Mob, don't miss our conversation with the multi-platinum artist. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Valerie Bertinelli

Isn't she lovely? The answer is yes! 😊 We had a pleasure chatting with Valerie Bertinelli about her role on the popular Food Network show, "The Kids Baking Championship." She also told us what we can expect from her new show, "Family Restaurant Rivals." (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Lela Loren

We've loved Lela Loren in "Power" for 5 seasons and we can't wait to see what's in store for her character, Angela, in this final season. BUT we're not ready to let go! 🤧 So we definitely appreciated every second of our talk with her. You will too! (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Chris Sullivan

We had a blast talking to the loveable and Emmy-nominated Chris Sullivan, aka Toby from NBC's "This is Us." We went over the show's biggest storylines and memorable moments so far. See what details he gave us about the highly-anticipated fourth season. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Monét X Change w/ Dyllon Burnside

Words cannot express how fierce this photo is! 😩🤩If this picture didn't give it away, we had quite the time with "Pose's" Dyllón Burnside. Both Dyllón and Monét blessed us with vocals, dance moves and answered some very salacious questions. 😏Did Monét find her soulmate in Dyllón? Find out! (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Lee Pace

It was truly a pleasure to sit down and chat with Lee Pace! 😊From his role as Ronan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the dance battles on the set of "Driven," we talked everything with the talented actor. Watch!  (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Kirsten Dunst

You know Kirsten Dunst from "Woodshock," "The Beguiled," "Spider-Man," "Jumanji" and countless other great projects. But trust us when we say you're going to love her in the Showtime series, "On Becoming a God in Central Florida." Tune in to our chat with her about her work on the show. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Algee Smith

Why are all these "Euphoria" actors are so easy on the eyes and insightful?! 🙌 Clearly, Algee Smith is no exception. The socially conscious actor told us what attracted him to the hit HBO show, what's going on with his music and more.  (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Alison Brie, Marc Maron & Betty Gilpin

Can you think of a better trio?! 😍And don't let these looks fool you, these three can tussle, as seen on their hit Netflix show, "GLOW." 💪 How has the show evolved in season 3? What's next for our favorite characters? Stars Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin and Marc Maron answered all these questions and more. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Brian Austin Green

We are so happy to see Brian Austin Green return to the role of David Silver on the FOX reboot, "BH90210!" But we were even happier to have the opportunity to sit down and chat with him about the show. Find out how he felt coming back to "Beverly Hills" and his 90's castmates. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Adam Brody

It's been a while since "The O.C." came to an end but our love for Adam Brody hasn't waned at all, so we were happy to have him stop by! Check out what he had to say about his work on the thriller, "Ready or Not," a possible "The O.C." return and more. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Billy Crudup, Cate Blanchett, Emma Nelson, Richard Linklater, Zoe Chao & Troian Bellisario

This ensemble is everything! 🥰These lovely people brought their talents to the movie based on the popular book of the same name, "Where'd You Go, Bernadette." Watch the cast and director describe their time on-set and what they enjoyed about their characters. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Marti Gould Cummings w/ Ritchie Torres

While Monét was off somewhere being fabulous, we couldn't think of anyone better to hold it down than Marti Gould Cummings! Our favorite drag queen politician filled us in on the latest in politics, chatted with Congressional candidate Ritchie Torres and even called a senator live! Tune in for a spin on politics you won't find anywhere else. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Whitney Cummings

Telling it how it is is part of Whitney Cummings' hilarious charm and we love her for it! ❤️ From sex robots to gender dynamics in today's society, Cummings touches on everything worth talking about in her latest Netflix special. Check out our time with the comedian. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Greg Kinnear, Justin Brooks, Sherri Shepherd & Brian Banks

Certain stories are hard to hear, but they MUST be told. Brian Banks' story is, unfortunately, one of those. Greg Kinnear, Sherri Shepherd, Justin Brooks and Banks himself came to speak on the film based on the injustice that he suffered. Be sure to watch. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Billy Crudup, Abby Quinn, Julianne Moore & Bart Freundlich on "After the Wedding" on BUILD Series

Some of the best in the business today! We had a wonderful discussion with the lovely folks behind the film, "After the Wedding." Tune in to see what stars Julianne Moore, Billy Crudup, Abby Quinn and director Bart Freundlich had to say. (Photo Credit: BUILD /BUILD )

Shia LaBeouf, Zack Gottsagen & Dakota Johnson

Wow, what a group! 😍Shia LaBeouf, Dakota Johnson and Zack Gottsagen became family after their time working on the touching adventure drama, "The Peanut Butter Falcon." Find out what each of them cherished most about the film and working with each other. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Jerry O'Connell

Jerry O'Connell is a one-man show and quite the entertainer! 🤣It's truly no surprise that he's been given his own daytime show, "Jerry O." Find out what guests he wants on his show and what reality series he can't get enough of. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Marlon Wayans

He may be hilarious but, like his first Netflix special suggests, Marlon Wayans is woke too! Don't miss our great conversation with the comedian about his Netflix movie, "Sextuplets," what's next for him and if there's a "White Chicks 2" on the way. 👀 (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Milo Ventimiglia, Amanda Seyfried (& Kevin Costner)

The three lovely stars of the touching new film, "The Art of Racing in the Rain,"...Kevin Costner was there in spirit! 😩Watch as Milo Ventimiglia, Amanda Seyfried and director Simon Curtis rave about filming together and working with the adorable dogs. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Tori Spelling & Jennie Garth

The 90210 gang is back! 🙌 But this time viewers will see quite a different spin to our favorite 90's California residents. Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth gave us details on what we can expect in and from the highly-anticipated FOX series, "BH90210."

(Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Monét X Change w/ Pam Wiznitzer

Hot girl summer is in full effect 👏 👏...but a little shade never hurt anybody. 😏Monet gave some fortunate souls priceless advice on health and wellness, said farewell to "Orange is the New Black" with star Reema Sampat and so much more. Do yourself a favor and watch! (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Willa Ford

What a photo! 😧 But there's more to Willa Ford than meets the eye, because as good as she is at posing for a pic, she's just as good at flipping houses! You can see her in her element alongside Scott Disick in the new E! series, "Flip It Like Disick." Get a sneak peek! (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Hannah Brown

Isn't her smile just contagious? 😁 The lovely Hannah Brown, from the unforgettable season 15 of ABC's "The Bachelorette," came back to BUILD to open up about her journey on the show. From the ups and downs she experienced to what's next for her, don't miss everything we covered! (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Ann Curry

There aren't too many people as wholesome as the great journalist and even better person, Ann Curry. On her latest project, TNT's "Chasing the Cure," she's helping to solve some of the world's biggest medical mysteries. Find out how you can get involved and help the cause. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Logan Browning, Ashley Blaine Featherson, Justin Simien & Antoinette Robertson

Too much talent and beauty in one photo! 😍Smart, funny, dramatic, "Dear White People" is everything you want in a show. To break down how the Netflix series has evolved, we sat down with Justin Simien, Logan Browning, Ashley Blaine Featherson and Antoinette Robertson. Check it out.

(Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Andrew Polec & Christina Bennington

Keep calm and 🤘on! 😝Imagine how much fun it would be bringing Meat Loaf's one of a kind journey to life. Well, Andrew Polec and Christina Bennington get to do just that! Watch as the "Bat Out of Hell" stars rave about working on the hit musical and alongside the composer Jim Steinman. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )