Bella Thorne as the Young Ariana Grande

Actress Bella Thorne talks about playing the role of a young Ariana Grande on 'Underdog'. Interview at AOL HQ in NYC for AOL BUILD.

Jay Baruchel & Dean DeBlois

We hate to see "How to Train Your Dragon" come to an end. 😢 BUT we had the pleasure of chatting with two of the men who've made it such a success, star Jay Baruchel & director Dean DeBlois, about the final film. Tune in! (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Emily Hanes & Jimmy Shaw of Metric

We love a good performance at BUILD and Metric delivered! 🎼 Be sure to check out their set as well as the talk we had with them about their latest album, "Art of Doubt." (Photo Credit: Jammi York /BUILD )

Morris Chestnut

The word "striking" comes to mind. 😏 Be sure to check out our talk with the talented actor about his new NBC show, "The Enemy Within," black representation and more. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood is an author, entrepreneur, actress, host and award-winning country artist! 🤯 We had the pleasure of sitting down with the multi-talented star to talk her latest album, "Let's Be Frank." (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Andy Karl & Orfeh

👈 Now that's how to surprise a loved one on Valentine's Day! 😍 Tune in to our chat with "Pretty Woman: The Musical" stars and husband-wife couple, Andy Karl & Orfeh. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Dane DeHaan

He's played a super-powered teen, Spider-Man's best friend, a space soldier and soon we'll see him play the infamous Billy the Kid. Hear what it was like working with the likes of Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke in his new western, "The Kid." (Photo Credit: Jammi York /BUILD )

Matt Smith & Ondi Timoner

These two know their way around a camera! 📸 Watch "Mapplethorpe" director Ondi Timoner and star Matt Smith discuss how they approached telling the story of the iconic photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe. (Photo Credit: Jammi York /BUILD )

Julie Mintz & Moby

It was our first BUILD All Access and there were no better guests to do it with than with Julie Mintz & Moby! You absolutely don't want to miss our time with them. (Photo Credit: Jammi York /BUILD )

Jack Falahee

Started the day on the right foot w/ good scotch and Jack Falahee! From his first taste of whiskey to what he enjoys most about working on "How to Get Away with Murder," tune in to our talk. 🥃 (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Matt McGorry

He may play a conflicted character in ABC's "HTGAWM" but Matt McGorry couldn't be a nicer, standup guy! Check out our talk with the actor and social justice activist. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Nick Frost, Paige Bevis, Florence Pugh, Lean Headey & Jack Lowden

It was a family affair with this beautiful bunch! It was a pleasure to explore "Fighting with My Family" with the cast of the film and Paige Bevis, who the film is based on.  (Photo Credit: Jammi York /BUILD )

Marina de Tavira & Yalitza Aparicio

Loved "Roma" ? If you did, these two Oscar-nominated ladies are probably why! Watch our discussion with actresses Yalitza Aparicio & Marina de Tavira about the film. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Chantal Rochelle, Madison Vain & Kevan Kenney

The Grammys are upon us! Get the hottest takes on who's going to win what from our music experts. And find out what's NOT going to happen from some very special commentators. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Brandon Scott Jones, Rebel Wilson & Liam Hemsworth

Isn't this pic just 😍? Don't miss our great chat w/ Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth & Brandon Scott Jones, stars of the new rom-com, "Isn't It Romantic."  (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Stephanie J. Block

Is there anyone else who could embody Cher as well as Stephanie J. Block?! Nope! Find out what the actress has taken away from working with / portraying the icon. (Photo Credit: Jammi York /BUILD )

Tarell Alvin McCraney, Kyle MacLachlan, Zazie Beetz, Bill Duke, Sonja Sohn, Melvin Gregg & André Holland

"Moonlight's" Tarell Alvin McCraney & Steven Soderbergh teamed up to create the new Netflix film, "High Flying Bird." Be sure to check out our insightful talk with McCraney and the cast. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Keke Palmer

BUILD ❤️ Keke! Always a blast chatting with the incomparable and delightful Keke Palmer! Tune in to our chat with the multi-talented actress. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Rita Moreno

It's not every day we find ourselves in the graces of an EGOT winner who is truly a class act. Yes, we're talking about the one & only Rita Moreno! You don't want to miss our English or Spanish BUILD with her. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Matthew Broderick, Shawn Snyder & Géza Röhrig

Funny, unique and touching, "To Dust" has everything you want in a film. And those same elements can be found in our talk with stars Matthew Broderick, Géza Röhrig and director Shawn Snyder, so be sure to tune in. (Photo Credit: Jammi York /BUILD )

Taylor Schilling

That dress though! 👌 The lovely Taylor Schilling told us all about her time working on the new horror, "The Prodigy." Find out why the actress wants to keep working in the genre. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Justina Machado

Justina Machado's energy is warmingly infectious! We promise you'll be in a good mood after watching our time with the "One Day at a Time" actress. Tune in to either her English or Spanish BUILD, or even better, both. 😊 (Photo Credit: Jammi York /BUILD )

Drake Bell

The talented Drake Bell is branching out and expanding upon his already-massive fanbase with his new Latin single, "Fuego Lento." Hear all about what prompted the move and more. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Joe Levy, Lauren Moraski & Kevan Kenney

Is Ariana Grande doing too much? Is Nicki Minaj dissing Drake? Is Cherry Glazerr's new music worth a listen? All these questions and more are answered by our experts in this week's Weekend Listen. Tune in! (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Anthony Mackie

Anthony Mackie legit had us cracking up! 😂 From throwing up during skydiving to his favorite death scene, don't miss our great time with the "Miss Bala" star. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Ally Brooke

Low key you should check out our BUILD with music sensation Ally Brooke! 😉 Hear all about her first single and how she feels about flying solo. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Max Greenfield

If you loved Max Greenfield in FOX's "New Girl," then you'll definitely love him in CBS' "The Neighborhood!" Watch our talk with him. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Nicole Scherzinger

There's nothing on TV quite like "The Masked Singer!" 🎭  That's why we were happy to sit down and chat with judge Nicole Scherzinger about the new FOX series. Make sure to tune in. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Christie Brinkley

65?! 🤯 At this point, we're convinced she's lying to us. The beautiful Christie Brinkley told us all about why she supports the empowering #MilestonesofMe campaign. (Photo Credit: Jammi York /BUILD )

Cierra Ramirez & Maia Mitchell

They were all of the good but none of the trouble! 😉 We had a pleasure talking with "Good Trouble" stars Maia Mitchell and Cierra Ramirez about their new "Fosters" spinoff series. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Scott Rogowsky

We had a blast chatting with "HQ Trivia" host Scott Rogowsky. Hear all about what it's like working for the game that's become such a phenomenon. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )