Stephen Merchant - Finding Your Voice

"Whenever we tried to be truthful about the world, that's the stuff that came bubbling up. Comedian and actor Stephen Merchant talks about finding his comedic voice. Interview at AOL HQ in NYC for AOL BUILD.

Cody Ko

In the off-chance you weren't familiar with Cody Ko, let us tell you one thing: he's hilarious! 🤣 Hence why he and his "Tiny Meat Gang" partner are touring the US and sharing their gifts of making people laugh. If you don't believe us, just watch our chat with him. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Lucy Lawless

Whether it was kicking butt as Xena or making us laugh on "Parks & Rec," Lucy Lawless is a treasure and people must never forget that! We sure didn't during our conversation with her about her new show on Acorn TV, "My Life is Murder." 😌 (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

JD McCrary & Shahadi Wright Joseph

The wait is over! Mufasa, Simba, Nala and all of our favorite animals are among us yet again in the new live-action film, Disney's "The Lion King." We had the two actors behind the voices of Young Simba and Young Nala stop by. Play your part in the circle of life and check out our chat with them. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Francesca Reale

"Stranger Things 3" may have came out a few weeks ago, but we're still not over it! 🤩So naturally, we jumped on the opportunity to talk with one of the show's newest stars, Francesca Reale. She gave us all the deets about her experience joining the "Stranger Things" family.  (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Monét X Change w/ Gia Gunn

🚨CAUTION: The tea was hot this episode! Monét finally sat down with Gia Gunn to see if they could get to the bottom of their issues and lay them to rest. We laughed, we cried, we smelled things...just another day at "The X Change Rate." 😌 (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Kathy Griffin

The one and only Kathy Griffin! Hate her or love her, she's got a lot to say and you gotta respect it. 😎While discussing her documentary, "Hell of a Story," our conversation with the comedian ranged from her political views to hilarious stories. Tune in! (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Gina Torres

It made absolute sense that Gina Torres would get her own series continuing her role as Jessica Pearson! 🙌 Find out how the new USA series, "Pearson," has everything you loved about "Suits" and more from the star / co-executive producer. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Jordin Sparks

We ❤️Jordin Sparks and Jordin Sparks ❤️waterparks! When she's not too busy working on new music, the gracious singer makes sure to capitalize on the free time to visit Kalahari Resorts. Watch our chat! (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Emily Deschanel

We all loved her in "Bones" but we've been pleasantly surprised to see a different side of Emily Deschanel in the TNT series, "Animal Kingdom!" Find out what she did during her two-year acting hiatus and what she's learned from her new character. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Shaquem Griffin & Shaquill Griffin

Despite the hectic and demanding schedule of the NFL, these two talented brothers found the time to write "Inseparable," an inspiring and touching book about their journeys. Be sure to check out our talk with them! (Photo Credit: JP Yim /BUILD )

Natalia Dyer

Natalia Dyer is simply lovely! 😊It was truly a pleasure getting to sit and chat with the "Stranger Things" star about the new season that everyone is rightfully raving about. Don't miss all the behind-the-scenes details she told us about! (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Lynn Shelton & Marc Maron

You rarely see a film about Civil War Truthers, which is what makes "Sword of Trust" all the more interesting. Director Lynn Shelton and actor Marc Maron discussed their approach to this unique comedy and the interesting things they discovered while creating it. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Jermaine Dupri

Power, influence and hip-hop...all things Jermaine Dupri is very familiar with. If you want to find out how So So Def, one of the biggest music labels, came to be look no further. We talked with the man behind So So Def's success to discuss the WE tv special, "Power, Influence and Hip-Hop." (Photo Credit: Jammi York /BUILD )

Alessandro Nivola, Jesse Eisenberg & Riley Stearns

Dark comedies are hard to pull off, but these three gentlemen did an amazing job with "The Art of Self-Defense." Director/writer Riley Stearns and stars Jesse Eisenberg, Alessandro Nivola share how they went about creating the movie. (Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD )

Cierra Ramirez

😍You may know, and love, her from Freeform's "The Fosters" and "The Good Trouble" but not only can Cierra Ramirez act, she can sing too! Listen to her break down her latest single, "Broke Us." (Photo Credit: Jammi York /BUILD )

Master P

Master P is one of the coolest people to ever stop by BUILD! As he was telling us about his anticipated movie, "I Got the Hook-Up 2," the multi-talented artist dropped some knowledge that everyone should hear. So tune in if you 'bout it! (Photo Credit: Jammi York /BUILD )

Jane Lynch

It's impossible not to love Jane Lynch...just look at her! 🥰 The "Hollywood Game Night" host let us know how much fun she has on the show, joyfully reminisced about her time on the hit series, "Glee," and so much more. Be sure to watch. (Photo Credit: Jammi York /BUILD )


They say less is more but, when it comes to K-pop, we respectfully disagree! 😎We were ecstatic to chat with 12 of the 13 members of the phenomenal music group SEVENTEEN. Find out what the band is like when they're not performing. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Kumail Nanjiani & Dave Bautista

What happens when a cop commandeers an Uber driver's car? Well, we could tell you but we think you'd rather hear it from "Stuber" stars Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Bautista. Tune in! And don't forget to rate BUILD 5 stars! 😬 (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )

Dacre Montgomery

The show that everyone has been waiting for is finally back and it hasn't disappointed! Having much to do with "Stranger Things'" third season praise is the fine gentleman Dacre Montgomery. Hear what he had to say. BTW: We avoided most spoilers! 😉 (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD )