True Crime


Kitty Green, James Schamus And Scott Macaulay Discuss "Casting JonBenet"

Slowly, the thread of "Casting JonBenet" reveals itself. It's a film that appears to be founded on a gimmick, but that gimmick reveals a conversation of great depth and relevancy. It examines our preoccupation with true crime, the pop theories and casual psychoanalysis to which we feel entitled, the way these cases stay with us for decades, sneak their way into our everyday conversation, our podcasts and news specials and books. It suggests that the reason for our obsession is that these stories remind us of our own traumas and they give us an outlet to explore tragedy from a healthy distance, but there’s no heavy-handed reminder chastising us for our ghoulish obsession with this crime – Casting JonBenet observes but never judges. Kitty Green, James Schamus and Scott Macaulay take the stage to go over the film. Interview at 692 Broadway in NYC for BUILD Series.

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