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Cody Garbrandt And Maddux Maple Speak On The Book, "The Pact"

Cody Garbrandt grew up in a rough town in the Central Appalachian region of Ohio, surrounded by a longstanding culture of fighting—and drugs. Thankfully, Garbrandt had visions of something more. His American Dream? Mixed Martial Arts. But a path to success wasn’t clear. He spent as much time fighting in the streets as he did in the gym—one bad decision away from losing everything. Then, at age 20, Garbrandt's brother introduced him to five-year-old Maddux Maple. Maple was deathly ill with leukemia, his survival by no means assured. A unique friendship developed as they made a promise to each other: Maple would beat cancer, and Garbrandt would make it to the UFC and become world champion. In December 2016, they made good on their pact: Garbrandt won his UFC Championship belt, which he promptly presented to Maple—the boy who had beaten cancer into remission. Garbrandt's new book, "The Pact," chronicles the long years of pain and hardship that they persevered through to reach their goals.

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